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12 Brand New Videos For You! 

This past week plus has been colourful. Recently, I've been uploading more & more videos on Facebook. These include my performances & videos from the open mic archives!

Here they are for your viewing pleasure! =)


  1. Purple Hearts and Turquoise Dreams by Az Samad (My latest song!)
  2. Echoes of Bangsar - Az Samad (Solo Nylon String Guitar)
  3. Princess Lullaby by Az Samad | Live at No Black Tie
  4. Az Samad/Tay Cher Siang/Julian Chan Trio - Cissy Strut
  5. Think Of You by Az Samad (Solo Fingerstyle Ukulele)


  1. Tara Linda "Wild West Huapango" (Live) - Live in Germany!


  1. [Open Mic Vid] Fix You cover by Yewy & Sam
  2. [Open Mic Video] Djezna's Stalker live at Merdekarya
  3. 脱口唱 Open Mic hosted by Winnie Ho 何芸妮 27/9
  4. 脱口唱 Video: I Can't Make You Love Me cover by Gan & Javen
  5. [Open Mic Vid] Somebody That I Used To Know cover by Narmi
  6. [Open Mic Video] Jade Theory by Sharon Chong 




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[Creative Fridays] #13 : Sharon Chong

1. What's your latest project? 

    *Just finished 2 shows with Elvira Arul for Cancer Awareness at the No Black Tie & Rendra at Nerofico & a one week show for the Moet & Chandon event at Pavilion.
    * Working on my originals for the first time, at the moment writing whatever that comes to mind that fits a piano trio setting. Debuted 2 of them at Reza's Open Mic thingy at The Bee Jaya One in Dec.
   * The 90s Movement, a project I did with Melina, Cookie Ong & Zalila Lee for a one month stint at Hakka Republic Sept 2011 is back in action this time with an additional member, Jack Lian. We'll be playing for 2 months starting April 2012 at the Waikiki Pub, Kelab Syabas PJ. Every Wednesdays. Tribute to 90s music.

2. What inspires your music? 
    *Real life experiences & people I know as well as music from my favourite artists which are like a million of them.

3. What's your 5 Desert Island Albums?
   * Ben Folds Five - Whatever & Ever Amen
   * The Beatles - 1
   * Michael Jackson - History Past Present & Future
   * Stevie Wonder - The Definitive Colllection (UK Edition)
   * Bill Evans - Portrait in Jazz

4. Who's one artist/musician that you love but most people probably don't know of?
Ben Folds and his group Ben Folds Five. Sooooooooo under rated but he is so so so good. I love his playing and his songwriting. So cool. Check out Whatever & Ever Amen by Ben Folds Five, So awesome.

5. What's an advice you wish someone told you when you started in the arts?

Be yourself, don't try to be someone else. Make your dreams bigger than your fears. You are your own worst critic so just play, don't think so much.

6. How do we reach you?
Twitter: Sharon_Chong
Facebook:Sharon Chong

And with this, we wrap up the 13-part [Creative Fridays] blog/interview series! =)
If you've missed any interviews, here's a list of past interviews:

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