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Top 6 Jon Gomm YouTube Videos You Should know

Welcome to a new series where I focus on different musicians & their music.

This first installment features singer-songwriter Jon Gomm & his videos over the years. Jon's fingerstyle guitar playing combines influences from rock, folk, jazz and new age fingerstyle guitar into a style of his own.

I chose these videos because I found them inspiring or influential in some way to me & others who are fans of his music. If you've never heard of Jon before, this gives you an introduction to his body of work.

Let's get started!

1. Jon Gomm - High and Dry

This was the first piece that introduced me to Jon's music. A briliant cover of the Radiohead hit song. When I met Jon in Ausria, I got to jam on this song with Jon! Fun. =)

2. Jon Gomm - Passionflower

This song propelled Jon's career into the stratosphere. Great work.

3. Jon Gomm - Ain't Nobody (Chaka Khan)


A cover version of the Chaka Khan's classic.

4. Jon Gomm - Topeka

A piece inspired by Andy McKee's hometown, an imagined take on a place that Jon's never been.

5. Jon Gomm - Message In A Bottle

Another cool cover by Jon, this time of a song by The Police.

6. Jon Gomm - Gloria

My favorite original piece by Jon because of the lyrics and the strong guitar groove. Such a great piece of music!


What do you think of Jon Gomm's music? Do you like it? Leave a comment below. Would love to hear from you.

Best wishes,


Thanks for checking this blog post!

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