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The Indie Secret to Making Music to make stuff


do it for a long, long time!

For example, if you're a musician - the key is keep writing, recording, performing music. And to me, documenting it, making albums, EPs, singles, some form of document is super important. Reason is - when you record it, you commit to a version of your vision. Then - you can move on to the next thing. 

The danger of waiting for the perfect studio, the perfect musicians, the perfect budget is that it may not come. And... you deprive people of a chance to experience what you have to give.

Yes, it may not be perfect yet.

Yes, the sound might not be the best.

But, I'm not saying record on bad equipment -what I am saying is:

Work within your circumstances & do the best you can - within your reach.

Some of my favorite artists - Ani DiFranco, Death Cab for Cutie, Elliott Smith all recorded even when the circumstances weren't perfect yet. But, because they did - they could move on and make the next thing.

Red Letter Year. Plans. XO. 

They all could have not existed without the albums leading to them.

But, thank goodness these amazing artists made all that they did - because eventually it got there.



So yes. All of us should make stuff. And do it for a long, long time.

We never know what the future might...

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