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April 4th 2011: A-Z updates from Az! 

A message from Az:



It's been awhile since my last update - so here is a slew of goodies including lessons, videos, new music and more!


I just recorded a new video - a solo acoustic guitar track with my newly aquired Lowden that I bought from Thomas Leeb:

VIDEO: Az Samad - Letter from Tahoe 

Also, I've posted two videos from my MA graduate recital last year at San Jose State University:

VIDEO: Az Samad - Over The Rainbow/ Getaran Jiwa medley

VIDEO: Az Samad (w/ David Aguiar on percussions) Irama Espanyola

I am also a member of a Jazz quartet project led by drummer Adam Everett, a frequent collaborator of mine since I met him almost three years ago at San Jose State University. We just recorded twelve songs under the moniker of The Adam Everett Quartet which includes the very talented Ben Flood on tenor sax and Fred Paclibon on bass.

Listen to a few of the tracks here:

AUDIO: The Adam Everett Quartet recordings

and watch a video from our debut performance at Caffe Trieste, San Jose here:

VIDEO: The Adam Everett Quartet - Black Nile (Wayne Shorter) 

I'm also excited to be on Jazz-Funk band, Planet Loop's second album tentatively titled 'Cubed'. A full length track that I played on is available for download on their website:

AUDIO: Planet Loop (feat. Az Samad) - The New Three


For fans of my electric playing, I'm contributing new monthly FREE exclusive guitar lessons page in collaboration with William Jeffrey Jones Guitars. The first lesson includes the music/pdf and mp3 files. In the future, I'll be recording video segments for some lessons too!

William Jeffrey Jones Guitars - Guitar Lessons by Az Samad


I'm in the April 2011 issue of Going Places, the official inflight magazine for Malaysian Airlines. Check it out if you're on a MAS flight or if you have an iPad, I hear there's a free app for that! [Going Places App Link]

More news to come! A few new albums and more music soon. Till next time!

Best wishes,


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