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Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus) - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

I didn't have a wrecking ball for the video.

I think what I really dig about the song is the suspended 4th on the I chord on the chorus. If you take that as a suspension (melodically) and take the visual imagery of the suspended wrecking ball, that would be kind of a fun way to look at it.

Yup. Watch!

As an independent artist, every view and share really helps to spread my music to more people. You make a huge difference to my work. Thank you!

[Guitar Info]

Tuning: Standard Tuning EADGBE
Capo: 5th fret
Key: Played in A minor, sounds as D minor

[Gear details]

ACOUSTIC GUITAR: I perform on a Maestro Guitars Raffles PH Maestro Select Shop Model with a solid adirondack spruce top, solid purple heart back & sides and mahogany neck with carbon rod. More info here:

STRINGS: Elixir Strings make my acoustic steel string guitars & Proteus electric guitar sound epic!

PICKUP: I'm using the awesome K&K Sound Systems Quantum Trinity System which includes their award-winning Pure Mini pickup, the Trinity Microphone and the Quantum Blender Preamp

CAPOS: I use G7th Capos including the G7th Performance capo for 6-string acoustic & classical guitar.

BAGS: I use Junkmonkey messenger bags and custom ampbag made by Patrick Lim of Greenroom136.



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