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Beats & Bytes Column in The Star by Az Samad

I'm a columnist for The Star Online's technology section. These are links to the articles for my column called Beats & Bytes. If you're interested to discover how technology and music influence each other, this is for you.



  • An introduction to my column in The Star!
  • Optimize your time on YouTube! A guide to hack your learning & get better, faster.
  • How I released an album - without a record label, on my own & how you can do it too.
  • Crowdfunding is quickly becoming the alternative path to making records for musicians.
  • Find out how you can get your music heard across the globe.

#6 Catch a live concert in your pyjamas!

  • Performer Az Samad experiences video streaming technology first-hand and shares his experience.

#7 Learning music via Skype!

  • Music educator Az Samad takes a music lesson that inspires him to teach guitar via Skype.




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