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#azjazzlessons #9: Kurt Rosenwinkel Soloing, Comping and Ensemble Ideas

For jazz guitarists & jazz improvisors:

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So I'm trying to learn something new everyday by documenting what I learned from watching a YouTube video. Today I looked for something from Kurt Rosenwinkel.

Here's what I learned:

Kurt Rosenwinkel Group - Jacky's Place [2006]

Solo Development Ideas (from 2:06 onwards)
1) End long scalar or sequenced phrases with longer notes
2) Create drama by using double time or smaller subdivisions in the later part of a long phrase 
3) Have clear breaks/spaces between phrases
4) Use triplets on long phrases to build tension
5) Continue sequences longer than expected into higher registers
6) Use end fragment of a long phrase as the motive for the next line

7) Keep a clear tone even in higher register
8) Use accents to highlight higher notes of phrases and longer note duration

Comping Ideas
9) In a piano & guitar dual comping situation, one should use a constant rhythmic patern and the other instrument play a countermelody or a complementary rhythmic phrase
10) Take turns during comping, cue for lead comping role when there is both piano and guitar 

Ensemble Ideas
11) Use clear breaks for a tight arrangement 
12) Unison tenor and electric guitar lines can be powerful
13) Guitar can play softer chord attacks in between melodic phrases

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