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3 New Solo Jazz Ukulele Videos!

These are the first three videos in a new series of solo jazz ukulele arrangements that I'm doing after being deeply inspired by a lesson I took with jazz uke virtuoso Abe Lagrimas, Jr. recently.

Video #1: Autumn Leaves | Jazz Ukulele by Az Samad 

Autumn Leaves is a beautiful classic jazz song that has been covered by so many artists over the years. I've chosen to start of my version of this piece with a slow ballad atmosphere before going to a jazzier swing feel.

Video #2: You Don't Know What Love Is | Jazz Ukulele by Az Samad 

I've been playing this song for years on guitar and it's definitely one of my favorite jazz ballads to play. After arranging this piece on the ukulele, I can see how there's a charm to the sparseness in the uke. 

Video #3: You Don't Know What Love Is | Jazz Ukulele by Az Samad


This is a great piece from the Miles Davis album, Kind of Blue. I've transposed it to the key of C so that it would fit better in the range for a tenor ukulele. I hope to play this piece more and come up with more extended solos in the future. 


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