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Mom, my music is in a movie!

My mom is happy!

And I'm really happy to be a part of Khairil M Bahar's latest film - Relationship Status.

It's a movie that digs into the whole phenomena of social media and how it has affected modern relationships. There's a cast of all-stars from the Malaysian film and theatre scene including Gavin Yap, Davina Goh, Tony Eusoff, Daphne Iking, Baki Zainal, Ruzana Ibrahim, Alfred Loh, Shuba Jay, Benji Lim, Amanda Ang, Adeline Ong and Susan Lankester.

It opens at TGV cinemas today!

I just saw it yesterday at the premiere and it was a real trip to hear my music (from Emo Attack Turtle, love letters EP & Our Voice) playing so loud in a cinema. I love movies and hearing how Khai used my music in the film was a real treat. 

Here's the teaser trailer (with music from Emo Attack Turtle):

And here is the full length trailer (with more scenes from the film):

Hope you'll catch the movie! Do spread the word - it's on a run of about two shows daily so catch it soon!

Click here to book your Relationship Status tickets online! [TGV Website Link]

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Reader Comments (2)

I read some of your post and I learned a lot of knowledge from it. Thanks for posting such interesting articles.

January 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSignals in Forex

Me and reza watching your vids on youtube and we're going to see the movie movie! Yay :)

January 16, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterthebathroomgirl

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