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Exclusive Track & Interview on ISSUE Magazine #11

More than a year ago, I met Lutfi Hakim as he arrived for his first guitar class with me. He was the first of three students in my Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar Course. He asked whether a classical guitar would be okay for the class & I said it would be fine for almost everything. Only thing was that getting slap harmonics would be trickier a bit. 

He completed the course & we kept in touch. Later on, we connected again via two chance encounters. I learned about an online magazine he was a part of. Every issue had a theme that connected all the contributions together.Talking to him about it, we wanted to figure a way of how I could contribute something for them. I wrote, but playing music was more second nature. 

What happened next was that I found a theme that resonated with me. The idea of magic. Not magic as in illusions or a show but the sheer beauty and magic in everything. Pondering on this, I thought about recording a piece that reflected this theme. 

This is how the closing track on my new album in the deep night/electric poetry came about. I had already recorded six tracks (five of which become in the deep night) and then another 3 that was a part of electric poetry.

I then recorded this track for ISSUE Magazine.

Later on, Lutfi got in touch with me to interview me. His team wanted to meet up. The interview was super fun and I felt like I was in a theory class talking about music. His team too shared their thoughts and asked cool questions. 

Yesterday, the article came out and I was so happy to see how Lutfi captured the essence of our conversation. There's even a little recollection of how his impression of his first guitar class with me was. Nice!

Special thanks to my PR Rockstar, Yin for coordinating everything. She rocks! 

Photos from the interview are here:


Read an exclusive interview where I explain about why I talk to turtles, discuss technique, elaborate on the Harlem Shake song & explain my songwriting process.

There's also an exclusive preview (the entire piece!) of the closing track from my upcoming album in the deep night/electric poetry.




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