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#azjazzlessons #4: Learning To Develop Solos Like John Scofield

For jazz guitarists & jazz improvisors:

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So I'm trying to learn something new everyday by documenting what I learned from watching a YouTube video. Today I looked for something from John Scofield and found this amazing concert video. 

Here's what I learned from watching his solo from 4:47 onwards.

1) Varying picking between the middle area to closer to the bridge is a great way to create different tones in phrases
2) Quoting the melody at the end of a solo is a very useful and clear way to cue the end of a solo
3) Changing the attack during a very scalar or sequence based line is a good way to create interest & subtle variation 
4) To surprise the listener, if the line feels like it's supposed to keep going up in direction, break the line and go to the opposite direction
5) Using the melodic contour of the melody is a good way to build phrases
6) Using certain parts of the melody as a road marker during the solo can be useful to keep the solo thematic 
7) To repeat a phrase that starts with a bend, you can also use a volume swell instead - this creates a repeat but is subtlely different

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If you're interested to learn more in depth, lessons are available worldwide via Skype & in person in Kuala Lumpur.

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