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[Creative Fridays] #7: Candelaria

In today's installment of [Creative Fridays], we have Daniel Yockey from Candelaria, a Cumbia-Dub-Reggae band based in Oakland, California.

When I was living in California, I had the awesome opportunity to perform as part of Candelaria for a number of gigs. Playing with them is something I still miss after relocating back to Malaysia. Hopefully, we'll get to play together again sometime in the future!

Let's learn more about Candelaria... 

1. What's your latest project? 
Right now Candelaria just finished our debut CD. You can find it on iTunes. We're playing around CA promoting it and hope to do some traveling this summer. 

2. What inspires your music? 
Our inspiration comes from many different sources. Speaking for myself, I am most inspired when I'm playing with the band. Listening to what they create pushes me in directions I never would have though of without them. We try to keep things as positive as we can. We want our music to be an escape from the problems someone may be experiencing in real life. 

3. What's your 5 Desert Island Albums?
1. Toto la Momposina-Carmelita - Colombian roots music at its finest
2. King Tubby-Dangerous Dub Really any King Tubby album. The guy who created dub music and still the best dub producer ever.
3. Toots and the Maytalls- 54-46 was my number
4. Mad Professor/Frente Cumbiero - The best living dub artist(Mad Professor) and one of the most cutting edge cumbia groups out there. 
5. Greensleeves box set - One of the original roots reggae record labels. 

4. Who's one artist/musician that you love but most people probably don't know of? 
Ras Zacharri. He's a relatively new modern roots reggae singer. He does a good job of combining modern style with roots sensibilities especially with the lyrics. Lots of modern roots has just too many cliches in the lyrics. Ras Zacharri keeps it righteous without being preachy and has some really catchy hooks. Check out his songs "Free up Time" and "Gather your Strength."

5. What's an advice you wish someone told you when you started in the arts?
I wish someone had told me to focus on a few number of gigs instead of playing every week. Your band doesn't get burned out and each show takes on more of an event feel. 

6. How do we reach you?
Buy CD/Album/MP3 Link:

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