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My first music video and first video lesson course!

2014 was all sorts of things for me. From performing in Thailand for the first time for the 4th Thailand International Ukulele Festival to being a part of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra for the Pixar in Concert performance. I released two albums: Squirrels in Space's first release and In The Moment, a follow up to my 2013 electric guitar work 'in the deep night/electric poetry'.

Lots of stuff.

For 2015, January features 3 new releases from me, one is a music video directed by award-winning Khairil M. Bahar and two are part of my online education work. Here are the details:

1. MY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO: Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus Fingerstyle Guitar Cover)

First video of 2015, in collaboration with award-winning director Khairil M. Bahar - here's my take on Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Thanks to Khai for all his ideas - this was fun!

PS - Watch till the end of the video, there are some licks not to be missed. (LITERAL SPOILER ALERT: I actually lick the capo and guitar)

If you like the video, please share it. Thank you! =)

2. MY FIRST VIDEO LESSON COURSE: Fingerstyle Guitar 101: Intro to Right Hand Technique 

Fingerstyle Guitar 101: Intro to Right Hand Technique
Release Date: Monday, Jan 19 2015

For anyone who's always wanted to study with me but haven't yet, now you can study with me from your home, via this new video lesson course. 

In this course, you’ll learn 3 fingerstyle guitar pieces. These are intended to be short pieces tightly condensed with a lot of technical and musical information. Although you will be able to play these pieces after studying them in this course, the main goal is to actually understand the concepts behind them - to understand how I’m playing these pieces. The results you’ll get by really digging deep into the videos is that you’ll start to see what to practice and how to practice these techniques. Later on, you’ll be able to use the same techniques on songs you may already play or new ones with more conviction, better tone and stronger delivery.

There are 3 modules in this course. Each covers a particular approach of fingerstyle guitar playing. By understanding the strengths of each approach, you will be able to make a better decision on what technique you want to pursue further.

The course officially launches on Monday, Jan 19 2015 but there's a secret link for anyone who can't wait.

(HINT: It's at the video description of a certain music video you can watch. Okay, like this video here.)

3. Modern Jazz Improvisation Lesson Pack

Modern Jazz Improvisation Lesson Pack
Release Date: Monday, Jan 26 2015  

You'll get 100 hip jazz licks with lines in the style of...
• modern players like Tim Miller, Julian Lage, Carl Verheyen and Bryan Baker
• classic jazz & bebop stylings of Charlie Parker, Pat Martino, Garrison Fewell and Steve Rochinski
• ...AND as a bonus, you'll also get 3-chorus blues etude full of bebop and cool intervalic lines to spice up your jazz vocabulary.




Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus) - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

I didn't have a wrecking ball for the video.

I think what I really dig about the song is the suspended 4th on the I chord on the chorus. If you take that as a suspension (melodically) and take the visual imagery of the suspended wrecking ball, that would be kind of a fun way to look at it.

Yup. Watch!

As an independent artist, every view and share really helps to spread my music to more people. You make a huge difference to my work. Thank you!

[Guitar Info]

Tuning: Standard Tuning EADGBE
Capo: 5th fret
Key: Played in A minor, sounds as D minor

[Gear details]

ACOUSTIC GUITAR: I perform on a Maestro Guitars Raffles PH Maestro Select Shop Model with a solid adirondack spruce top, solid purple heart back & sides and mahogany neck with carbon rod. More info here:

STRINGS: Elixir Strings make my acoustic steel string guitars & Proteus electric guitar sound epic!

PICKUP: I'm using the awesome K&K Sound Systems Quantum Trinity System which includes their award-winning Pure Mini pickup, the Trinity Microphone and the Quantum Blender Preamp

CAPOS: I use G7th Capos including the G7th Performance capo for 6-string acoustic & classical guitar.

BAGS: I use Junkmonkey messenger bags and custom ampbag made by Patrick Lim of Greenroom136.



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