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[Creative Fridays] #11: Adam Everett

Photo Courtesy of Adam Everett

In today's [Creative Fridays] interview, we have drummer Adam Everett. I first met Adam while we were both studying at San Jose State University. During my time there, I had the opportunity to perform and work closely with Adam in ensembles as well as his own project - The Adam Everett Quartet. 

Adam's varied musical influences inspired my own explorations. In fact, as I'm typing this - I'm listening to the artist he recommends in this interview. 

Let's check out what Mr. Everett is doing nowadays....

1. What's your latest project? 
I'm currently rehearsing with a new group called Jackie Gage and the Jazz Cartel. It's a mix of Modern Jazz and RnB/Hip-Hop. The instrumentation is drums (my job), acoustic bass, guitar, fender rhodes and vocalized by local San Jose up-and-comer, Jackie Gage.

2. What inspires your music? 
Everything. I recently wrote a song about wind (Windy-Stormy) and one about lightning (In Lightning), but they are almost always about women, love, or little things (Moments)

3. What's your 5 Desert Island Albums? 
The Bad Plus - These Are The Vistas
Miguel Zenon - Alma Adentro
Robert Glasper - Canvas
Avishai Cohen - Gently Disturbed
Prefuse 73 - Surrounded by Silence

4. Who's one artist/musician that you love but most people probably don't know of? 
Son Lux. If anyone reading this knows about Son Lux, you get a quarter. Just kidding. If you don't know about Son Lux, please listen to Son Lux. His music is beautiful.

5. What's an advice you wish someone told you when you started in the arts? 
I wish someone had told me to be myself and not to compromise. It's the best advice I can give...

6. How do we reach you?
Facebook and

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