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23 Epic Guitar Lessons on


Hello there!

2015 has been a wonderful year for my NEW website. The lesson library is growing gradually and there's more in the works. I want to thank you for being a supporter of the website.

There's more slated for 2016 that I can't reveal yet but you'll see gradually. To round up 2015, here's a recap of all the 23 lessons on the site so far organized for you!

10 Things I Learned From The Jack Thammarat Kuala Lumpur Workshop
10 Things I Learned From The Guthrie Govan Kuala Lumpur Workshop

How do you get the most out of a jazz festival?

How to find the right guitar for you

My Jazz Guitar Practice Routine
How do you play jazz chords on guitar?
How to use chromatic notes in your guitar solos
How to solo on Autumn Leaves: Part 1
In chord melody arrangements, how do you do guitar fills?
What are Drop-2, Drop-3 and Drop-2&4 Voicings for guitar?
Beyond Scales & Licks: How to create cool solos!

How to become a better guitarist in just 10 minutes a day!
3 things I didn’t realize when I started playing guitar
How do you jam with other guitarists?
How do you overcome stage fright?

How to Develop Creative Guitar Licks from Scales
How To Learn Scales On Guitar

How to play fast on guitar?
Beginner Guitar: 7 Tips To Ease Your Barre Chords
Folk Fingerstyle Strumming Lesson
Intro to Odd Meter Fingerstyle Guitar Patterns

Pitch Axis meets Modulation: A Joe Satriani Inspired Lesson

50 Blues Ukulele Licks

Wanna learn something in particular in 2016? Please let me know by emailing me a question! =)

Thanks again. =)

Best wishes,


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Candor Music & ZT Amplifiers 

Thank you Steven Cheah Fah Jung of Candor Music Sdn Bhd for providing me with the ZT Lunchbox Amplifier. 

[FB Photo Album: Picked up the ZT Lunchbox Amp from Candor Music]

You can catch me using it during my solo electric guitar showcase/workshops across the Klang Valley.

For more info about the solo electric guitar shows, click here:


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