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Tommy Emmanuel in Kuala Lumpur!

With Tommy Emmanuel at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, Suria KLCC circa 1998.The first time I saw Tommy Emmanuel perform was at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas in 1998. I just started music college & got to audition to be a part of his guitar masterclass. At that time, I only played nylon string guitar. It was only later that I got a steel string guitar because of Tommy’s influence.

I also arranged my own version of Day Tripper after watching him play that Beatles classic. Since I didn’t have access to any kind of tablature or transcription, I had to figure out my own take on it. 

Another one of Tommy's compositions 'Dixie McGuire' inspired my song 'Antartika' of my 2004 debut CD, "Acoustic Gestures". 

Tommy autographing my Esteve classical guitar.My old guitar - still have it!

After that, I saw Tommy twice - once at another show at Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel in 2000, and then at Regatta Bar in Cambridge, Massachussetts while I was attending Berklee College of Music in 2005. 

Tommy playing an epic 3-hour (!!!) show at Regatta Bar.

Every single time I saw a Tommy Emmanuel concert, he just stunned me with his amazing musicality & playing. He continued to inspire me & made me work hard at my craft.

LINK: [Read my blog post about the 2005 Regatta Bar concert I attended here]

After Tommy's Regatta Bar, Cambridge MA show in 2005Now, 14 years after my first encounter with Tommy, I feel really blessed to be a part of Guitar Circle, the opening act for Tommy's concert in Kuala Lumpur this Friday night.

Four guitarists: William KokRay CheongAndy Ngew and myself will be performing to open Tommy's concert. We're all from the local fingerstyle guitar community & this is a great opportunity to showcase local talent!  

It's a real dream come true for a KL kid like me! It's amazing to get a chance perform on the same stage as the guitar virtuoso, Tommy Emmanuel himself!

14 years later, this Friday. =)

I hope you can be there too! It's will be fun night of guitar!!! 


Concert Tickets are available at The Guitar Store outlets & online via TicketPro

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