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Jazz Guitar Lesson #3: Jazz Guitar Triads

It's 2013 and it's the year of epic guitar! 

To help more guitarists, there will be weekly free guitar lessons posted on the site. These lessons will include:

  • A Video Lesson
  • Audio MP3 Version of the Lesson
  • FREE Downloadable PDF with notated examples & TAB

Every month will alternate between:
1) Jazz guitar
2) Fingerstyle guitar
3) Beginner guitar   

January 2013 is jazz guitar month! The focus will be to help aspiring jazz guitarists learn their craft better. 

If you'd like more tips before next week's lesson, check out my Jazz Guitar 101 page here:

This is a part of a 4-part lesson series in January 2013:
Part 1: Walking Bass Lines For Jazz Guitar:
Part 2: Jazz Guitar Chords:

Here's the 3rd lesson. Enjoy! 

Audio Version:

[Click here to download the 'Jazz Guitar Triads' PDF File]
[Click here to download the 'Jazz Guitar Triads' PDF File]

[Additional Resources]

Jazz Guitar 101:
[Blog Post with PDF] [15 Jazz Guitar Chords You Must Know]

If you missed last 2 weeks of lessons, check them out here:
Part 1: Walking Bass Lines For Jazz Guitar:
Part 2: Jazz Guitar Chords:

[ACTION STEPS] How can you learn this better?

1) Learn to play the arpeggios
2) Learn to connect the arpeggios and compose/improvise simple solos
3) Learn to use the triads over different songs
4) Learn 2-octave triad arpeggios (for intermediate jazz guitarists)
5) Learn 3-octave triad arpeggios  (so you really learn to move across the fretboard!)

Other songs to check out:
Stella By Starlight
Have You Met Miss Jones
Beautiful Love
The Days Of Wine and Roses
Fly Me To The Moon  


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