2017 Epomania 2: Time & Space
2015 Poskad Dari San Francisco
2015 Poskad Dari Shanghai
2015 Poskad Dari Malaysia
2014 Squirrels In Space
2014 Az Samad - In The Moment
2013 Az Samad - The Birthday EP
2013 Az Samad - in the deep night/electric poetry
2012 Az Samad - Distant River (single)
2012 Az Samad - The Amsterdam Recordings
2012 Tara Linda - Torch and Sass
2011 Az Samad - Our Voice (Demo)
2011 The Adam Everett Quartet - Round One 
2011 Az Samad - Love Letters EP
2011 Planet Loop - Cubed
2010 Az Samad - Emo Attack Turtle
2010 Tara Linda - Tortilla Western Serenade
2008 New Age and New Sounds Compilation CD
2007 Az Samad - Snow and Ice EP
2007 Ciplak - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2006 Panic In The Peninsula
2004 Az Samad - Acoustic Gestures
2003 ICOM :Feel The Buzz
2003 Az Samad - Echoes Of Bangsar EP
2002 B'Yu

2012 Az Samad - The Amsterdam Recordings 


1. Early Night in Voldelpark
2. Lonely Bicycle
3. Bittersweet Whispers

4. Love is a Scooter
5. Displaced Memories


"Az Samad is fast developing a unique and spell-binding solo guitar style, rooted in a love of melody and sophisticated harmonic language. His first solo electric guitar album “The Amsterdam Recordings” has, for me, echoes of Pat Metheny’s more recent solo output, with the added attraction that it is all improvised. There is a gorgeous contemplative feel to the recordings, with Love is a Scooter (great title) being a stand-out track. A great album, and I hope the first of many!"-Dylan Kay, Professional Guitarist & Educator, Auckland, New Zealand


2010 Az Samad - Love Letters EP

1. hopeful
2. complicated
3. unrequited
4. complex beauty


"I first heard Az's music at a music festival in the mountains of West Virginia. I was immediately drawn in by the smooth melodies of several familiar tunes (one of my favorites being Nirvana); this led me to seek out his original music. His music is captivating-- filled withpassion and depth. It is amazing what Az can do with only his fingers and a guitar! His acoustic music is quite versatile. I love it for centering at the beginning of a yoga class, or for a mellow savasana at the end of practice. Az is truly a gifted musician who can be appreciated across several genres."- Sara Golden, Yoga Teacher, Princeton, West Virginia



2010 Az Samad - Emo Attack Turtle

1. Emo Turtle Suite i) These are broken smiles
2. Emo Turtle Suite ii) Hidden within summer's laugh
3. Emo Turtle Suite iii) A disguised giggle
4. Attack Turtle Suite i) Welcome
5. Attack Turtle Suite ii) Battle Prep
6. Attack Turtle Suite iii) Attack Mode [Listen to the complete song on]
7. Epilogue: Convergence (of the emo attack turtles)

A concept album about the elusive emo attack turtle. Az recorded this album on June 20, 2010 in Berkeley, California. Using one guitar, one microphone and one computer, he wanted to create a work that embraced his love of improvisational music and the acoustic guitar. The result is an album comprising of two solo guitar suites: emo turtle suite and attack turtle suite; as well as a closing piece entitled epilogue: convergence of the emo attack turtles. The music crosses genres and draws as much from the contemporary acoustic fingerstyle guitar genre as well as rock, jazz and film music. Preview and buy the album here! 


 Az Samad -- "emo attack turtle"
(self-released, 2010, CD) 

Malaysian guitar wizard Az Samad, currently based in Berkeley, California, delivers a short set of solo acoustic fingerstyle improvisations.  These ongoing note flurries evoke the breezy-hillside-under-moving-clouds vibe you'd get from Michael Hedges or some of Leo Kottke's more ethereal work.  Az's only description is, "This is a concept album about the elusive emo attack turtle," and his track titles tell a little more.  "Emo Turtle Suite" includes "These are broken smiles," a gently descending figure that flows through degrees of simplicity and complexity; "Hidden within summer's laugh," which moves from slow ostinato to hurried chords, passing through harmonics and dissonant intervals; and "A disguised giggle," featuring a rhythmic hitch on the bass strings, a percussive slap, and fast, jazzy changes with a visit to the sprung sound of guitar strings above the nut.  The three movements of "Attack Turtle Suite" are half as long.  "Welcome" is built around a high melodic phrase that soon develops a bass response.  "Battle Prep" is the most chordal piece yet, restless and gently aggressive.  "Attack Mode" builds dissonant chords on a steady bass, a suspenseful workout that could be scary on electric guitar.  These two suites are followed by an "Epilogue," subtitled "Convergence (of the emo attack turtles)."  Here melody emerges from a cluster of dissonant chords, developing a dialog that includes the "Attack Mode" bass and almost-standard major chords.  The entire set is both exhilarating and relaxing, and at just under 30 minutes, way too short.  -- Alan K. Lipton
Published in Exposé #39, Summer 2011.  Zine available for $7.00 US via snail mail from Exposé, 6167 Jarvis Ave. #150, Newark, CA 94560 USA

"Not only is "Emo Attack Turtle" by Az Samad (2010) a rare glimpse of the exquisite Tortugus metastemoticus, it is also a wonderful collection of music from a master of the guitar." Customer Review


2010 Tara Linda - Tortilla Western Serenade
(w/ Grammy Winners Flaco Jimanez and Max Baca)

1. Muse's Duel
2. Virtual Love Disaster (?Donde Estabas?)
3. Soldier's Homecoming
4. Wild West Huapango
5. Dream Out Loud
6. Never Say Never
7. Demon's Cumbia
8. Crossroads
9. Teresita
10. Leavin' Texas (Drivin' Slow)
11. Padre Kino's Ghost
12. Demon's Cumbia Remix


This album features Az on electric guitar - a whole other side of his playing, documented for the very first time here! Drawing from indie rock, pop, Tex-Mex and the film soundscapes of Ennio Morricone, singer-songwriter Tara Linda brings forth a new genre she calls 'Tortilla Western'.

Listen to the whole album and buy it here!


 "The tornados hit the ground with fine guitar work"
Alt Country (the Netherlands)

"Guitar rhythms both swaggering and delicate"   

"Dream out Loud is another guitar-based song that is sexy and sinister while Crossroads showcases the guitar playing of Az Samed as it grumbles menencingly. This approach reaches its apogee on Leavin’ Texas (Drivin’ Slow) where LA punk inspired guitar and screeching Mexican horns collide."
Blabber 'n Smoke (UK)

"band of allstars..spicy Spanish guitar"
Muse's Muse


2008 New Age and New Sounds Compilation CD (Italian music magazine)

1. Rothko - Danilo Rea & Martux_M
2. Goccio Di Rugiada - Mauro Galluccio
3. Antara Mandire - Rasa
4. Down by the Glenside - Alquimia
5. Streetlight - Ottmar Liebert
6. Turfan - Alessandra Celletti
7. Data Stream - Robert Schroeder
8. A New Afrika - Capitanata
9. Berjalan Bersamamu - Az Samad 
[live at berklee|video]
10. Undercurrent (Alucidnation Uptempo Remix) - Fragile State
11. Soft Soft - Bernward Koch & Pablo
12. The Last Dance - John Diaz
13. Nel Firmamento - Giuseppe Manca

In addition to a wonderful two-page full color feature article on Az, this Italian magazine included 'Berjalan Bersamamu' in their monthly compilation CD.


2007 Az Samad - Snow and Ice EP (exclusive online-only release)

2. Alone
3. Questions

 All-improvised solo nylon string guitar piece in 3 movements. 



2007 Ciplak - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Director Khairil Bahar's debut film features numerous tracks by Az alongside music from the finest independent artists from Malaysia's colorful music scene.

Ciplak won the ‘Best Alternative Film Award’ at the Anugerah Skrin 2006.

Watch the trailer here.
Read about the film here. 
Read the review here!
Read Kharil Bahar's blog postings about the film.


2006 Panic In The Peninsula (compilation album)

1. Each Other's Circle - Lucy in the Loo
2. Girl From Ipoh - Ben's Bitches
3. Can You? - Frequency Cannon
4. Scratch - Broken Scar
5. Wishful Thinking - Soft Touch
6. Bring It On - Beat the System
7. Karya - Auburn
8. Binky - Lied
9. None - 360 Degree Head Rotation
10. Robots - Jamie Woon
11. Makan Gaji - Azyml Yunor
12. The C Factor - Az Samad 
[az samad duo|video] [live in santa clara|video] [live at berklee|video]
13. Fang Niao Ji - Eu Seng
14. The Whole Year Inn - Maharajah Commission
15. Novus Ordo Seclorum - Furniture

A compilation featuring artists of different genres from the Malaysian Indie scene. Includes Az's DADGAD piece 'The C Factor.'

"Panic in the Peninsula features various 'genres' of the local indie scene, leaning slightly on the more radio-friendly end of the spectrum. And so you have cod-reggae, cod-nu-metal to safe modern-rock and ponderous post-rock to some offbeat stuff which I like etc. In a nutshell, it’s pretty good picture of what’s going on in the larger 'independent' scene..."

Read the complete CD Review here!


2004 Az Samad - Acoustic Gestures (debut solo guitar album)

1. Train To Ericland [live at bazaar cafe|video] [live '07|video] [live at berklee|video]
2. Echoes Of Bangsar
3. Latah Setinggan [live at bazaar cafe|video] 
4. Senja Mula Menangis 
5. Irama Espanyola [solo|video] [duo|video]  [live in san jose|audio]             
6. Lagu Royalti Belum Datang 
7. Berjalan Bersamamu [live at berklee|video]
8. Do You Insult Me Waltz [live in santa clara|video]
9. The C Factor [az samad duo|video] [live in santa clara|video] [live at berklee|video]
10. Girl In The Faded Photograph 
11. Antartika
12. Princess Lullaby 

Az's first album. Twelve original compositions, ten pieces on steel string and two on nylon string guitar.Preview and buy the album here!

"A tastefully crafted and produced album" The Star

"This fabulous album is merely the tip of the iceburg of his talent. . once word gets out, he's going to flood the musical world with the global warming of his spectacular interpretations, his global compositions and his brilliant performances." Eileen Malone, Literary Activist

"Az employs a wide range of musical influences to push each song’s emotions, be it the punchy, percussive boldness of ‘Latah Setinggan’, the celebration and freedom of the Celtic-influenced ‘The C Factor’, or the quiet contentment of the beautiful ‘Senja Mula Menangis’."

Az wrote a series of blog posts during the making of this album. Read them here:

A recording diary: The making of an acoustic fingerstyle guitar album by Az Samad

Day One: Pre-production, Saturday October 23 2004
Day Two: Pre-production, Sunday October 24 2004
Day Three: First Day of Recording, Monday, October 25, 2004
Day Three: First Day of Recording, Monday, October 25, 2004 (the photo gallery!)
Day Four: Second Day of Recording, Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Day Five: Third Day of Recording, Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Day Five: The story!
The 2nd series of recordings, Day One
Album Photography, November 4, 2004
Album Photography, November 4, 2004, Thursday (Behind The Scenes Pics)
Second series of Recordings: Day Two, November 5 2004, Synchrosound Studios
Second series of Recordings: Day Two, November 5 2004, Synchrosound Studios
Second series of Recordings: Day Three, November 8 2004, Synchrosound Studios
Latest Development On Acoustic Gestures
Album off to the duplicators!
Album ready!


2003 ICOM :Feel The Buzz (compilation album)

1. Honestly
2. Abracadabra
3. Morning Love
4. Sentuhan Manja Rindu Kasih Sayang
5. Naive
6. The Shizz
7. Everything I Love
8. Distance
9. Selamanya
10. The Lost Fantasy

Includes Sentuhan Manja Rindu Kasih Sayang, a hip-hop track by Az that he wrote, programmed and performed. Features Malaysian Soul-Jazz singer Noryn Aziz.


2003 Echoes Of Bangsar (limited printing self-produced EP)

A five-track EP. Handmade, super rare. Includes an early versions of Echoes of Bangsar, For Michael, Antartika, Penyair and Latah Setinggan.


2002 B'Yu (Universal Music/Synchrosound Music) (as lyricist)




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