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What exactly is in this compilation album?
It's your very own sampler CD of my solo guitar work from 2004-2011 including from:

-- Acoustic Gestures (2004):
Latah Setinggan
The C Factor
Do You Insult Me Waltz
Berjalan Bersamamu
Train To Ericland


"a tastefully crafted and produced album" 
-- Album Review in THE STAR 
"Watch this young man! This fabulous album is merely the tip of the iceburg of his talent. . once word gets out, he's going to flood the musical world with the global warming of his spectacular interpretations, his global compositions and his brilliant performances."
-- Eileen Malone, Literary Activist, San Francisco, California
-- Emo Attack Turtle (2010):
Attack Turtle Suite iii) Attack Mode

"Malaysian guitar wizard Az Samad, currently based in Berkeley, California, delivers a short set of solo acoustic fingerstyle improvisations. These ongoing note flurries evoke the breezy-hillside-under-moving-clouds vibe you'd get from Michael Hedges or some of Leo Kottke's more ethereal work"
  -- Alan K. Lipton (Published in Exposé #39, Summer 2011)
-- love letters EP (2011):


"His music is captivating-- filled with passion and depth. It is amazing what Az can do with only his fingers and a guitar! His acoustic music is quite versatile. I love it for centering at the beginning of a yoga class, or for a mellow savasana at the end of practice. Az is truly a gifted musician who can be appreciated across several genres." 
- Sara Golden, Yoga Teacher, Princeton, West Virginia


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