Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson #1: 5 Useful Right Hand Arpeggios
Monday, February 4, 2013 at 3:24PM
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It's 2013 and it's the year of epic guitar! 

To help more guitarists, there will be weekly free guitar lessons posted on the site. These lessons will include:

Every month will alternate between:
1) Jazz guitar
2) Fingerstyle guitar
3) Beginner guitar   

February 2013 is fingerstyle guitar month! The focus will be to help aspiring fingerstyle guitarists learn their craft better. 

Here's the 1st fingerstyle guitar lesson. Enjoy! 

Audio Version:

[Click here to download the '5 Useful Right Hand Arpeggios' PDF File]

[Click here to download the '5 Useful Right Hand Arpeggios' PDF File]

[Additional Resources]

[ACTION STEPS] How can you learn this better?

1) Learn the right hand arpeggios
2) Play the patterns over different chord progressions
3) Write a 4-bar OR 8-bar chord progression that combines 2 of these patterns
4) Write your own variations of these patterns


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