The Bee Project – A Review by Az Samad
Friday, December 7, 2012 at 9:03AM
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You can cage a tiger, but you cannot brush his teeth

Photos by Yin of We Are Malaysian Made (WAMM).

The Bee Project is one interesting ride. Set at The Bee in Publika, Solaris Dutamas, it is part theatre, part multimedia and many parts fun. It starts off with dinner (if you choose) and for me it was burger, fries and a latte. Depending on where you sit in the space, you might want to finish your meal before the story develops. I took my time and I must say it’s pretty fun to have fries while watching people scream, argue, dance and walk crazy around the place.

The music sets the mood in many ways for the production with the reference to some of the characters and the impending tale. Definitely full of NSFW moments, I would strongly suggest you leave your kids behind unless they grew up watching Kevin Smith, Tarantino & other films these fine folks were inspired by. Be prepared to get up at some points at the show (again, depending where you sit down.)

Photos by Yin of We Are Malaysian Made (WAMM).

Kudos to the team of stealth actors, production folks, musicians, tech crew and all the cool people making and serving food at The Bee for their maneuvering around while the action happens. And to those who saw the previous TerryandTheCuz production, Klue,Doh! – you’re in for a treat with the embedded references and reflections to the events in that show.

There. So, I didn’t tell you the story. Coz The Cuz would probably cuss at me for that. And yeah, you should go find out why I absolutely loved the show and why you should definitely sit at the big table at the back. Yeah.

Photos by Yin of We Are Malaysian Made (WAMM).

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