[Intro to Jazz Blues Guitar Course] by Az Samad
Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 1:29PM
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To register, e-mail me here: http://www.azsamad.com/contact 



To register interest for the current intake, e-mail me here: http://www.azsamad.com/contact 

Imagine playing the blues like your favorite jazz guitarists -
without sounding awkward, playing the same licks again and again and running out of ideas...

A lot of people buy instructional books, watch YouTube videos, download lessons from the Internet...

But that’s easy to do. Information is easy to find but...

The question is:

How much of this is getting into your actual playing?
How can you actually sound more awesome?
How can you improve your improv?

Welcome to the [Intro to Jazz Blues Guitar Course] Version 2.0

In this epic 3-month course, you’ll learn Jazz Blues Guitar by directly working on the repertoire.

You’ll learn a song and you learn it inside-out.

The same song is studied:

What is the course format?

And, in the process, you’ll learn how to create idiomatic Jazz Blues phrases, understand how to memorize the song, comp beautiful voice-lead phrases that enhance the music, and be on the way to being an awesome confident Jazz Guitarist.

This is how the classes will be:

[1st Month]

Class 1

40 min - Jazz Blues Harmony I (Essential chord shapes you must know)
40 min - Improv Session I (Scales, melodies and how to get beyond playing licks)
40 min - Chord Melody Study of the Miles Davis classic, Freddie Freeloader

Class 2

20 min - Review of material
40 min - Jazz Blues Harmony II (Inversions and melodic comping)
40 min - Improv Session II (Creating longer lines using guide tones)
20 min - Jam / Recording / Analysis 

[2nd Month]

Class 3

40 min - Jazz Blues Harmony III (Passing chords and cool substitutions)
40 min - Improv Session III (Motivic soloing approaches)
40 min - Chord Melody Thelonious Monk’s Blue Monk

Class 4

20 min - Review of material
40 min - Jazz Blues Harmony IV (Bebop jazz blues changes)
40 min - Improv Session IV (Intro to double-time soloing i.e. playing fast!)
20 min - Jam / Recording/ Analysis 

[3rd Month]

Class 5

40 min - Jazz Blues Harmony V (Deeper into bebop jazz blues)
40 min - Improv Session V (Cells and motives for rapid jazz changes)
40 min - Charlie Parker’s Au Privave - A study in bebop phrasing, fingering and vocabulary  

Class 6

20 min - Review of material 
40 min - Jazz Blues Harmony VI (Altered scale harmony and more bebop concepts)
40 min - Improv Session VI (How to tell a story through your solo)
20 min - Jam / Recording/ Analysis (REVIEW of 3-month progress, next steps etc.) 


Learn how to play awesome jazz blues
Learn it inside-out & master the song
Recordings + Critique of your playing in every class.

How much is the investment for this course?

You can choose between two options:
Complete Payment (Save RM480) : One-time payment of RM2,700
Installment Payment Plan: Three monthly payments of RM1,060 (Total fees: RM3,180)

I look forward to help guide you in your your Jazz Blues Guitar journey.

If You're Ready To Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level,
If You Want World-Class Jazz Blues Guitar Instruction,
If You Want Personalized Paced Lessons That Focus On You,

To register, e-mail me here:
http://www.azsamad.com/contact. Please include:

I look forward to hearing from you. =)


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