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Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 2:00PM
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If you're looking for quality guitar lesson resources, here's a selection of practice material that will help you.

As soon as you purchase a lesson pack, you will be able to download it to your computer & start practicing! 

For Beginners: 

[NEW LESSON PACK! Released Jan 13 2018]

This lesson pack includes 12 essential exercises to help you develop your right hand fingerstyle guitar skills. Along with 2 complete etudes (complete pieces of music!) that you can perform, this lesson pack contains exercises that have helped many of my students from all around the world. 

In addition to all this, you'll also receive 2 bonus PDFs:
R&B Guitar Grooves - exercises to help you develop R&B fingerstyle guitar groove basics
R&B Chord Study #1 - inspired by the music of Mateus Asato and Kerry "2 Smooth" Marshall

Get your fingerstyle skills together today! =)


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This lesson pack collects the most important material for beginner student. This is the exact same handouts that my private students use as they begin their guitar adventures! For a fraction of the investment, you can also have the same handouts!

Use these to power-up your guitar skills today! =)


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For Jazz Guitar Geeks: 

A treasure chest of jazz guitar secret & strategies, this massive lesson pack collects exercises and etudes designed to improve your jazz chops! 

Order Today & Get: 

• Part 1: 8 pages of essential jazz scale exercises & practice approaches 
• Part 2: 8 pages of powerful exercises to improve your chords and comping
• Part 3: 12 pages of Jazz Lines and Etudes to increase your vocabulary
• Part 4: 2 Lessons that show you how voicings and lines connect
• Part 5: 25 Hip Jazz Guitar Tips 
• BONUS: Three Articles for Jazz Guitarists 


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[Intro to Melodic Comping Lesson Pack]

A selection of hand-picked material designed to improve your jazz comping skills. Learn solid examples of how to connect chords melodically instead of randomly. Increase your chord vocabulary step by step with the 15 Jazz Guitar Chords you must know and 23 very hip C Major Chords.

Even if you're a complete beginner to jazz guitar, you will be able to get something out of this lesson pack as everything is included in both standard notation and TAB.

Improve your comping today!


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[Modern Jazz Improvisation Lesson Pack]

You'll get 100 hip jazz licks with lines in the style of...
• modern players like Tim Miller, Julian Lage, Carl Verheyen and Bryan Baker
• classic jazz & bebop stylings of Charlie Parker, Pat Martino, Garrison Fewell and Steve Rochinski
...AND as a bonus, you'll also get 3-chorus blues etude full of bebop and cool intervalic lines to spice up your jazz vocabulary.

Free PDF Samples:
5 Pentatonic Patterns For Modern Jazz Improvisation PDF 
Content Guide PDF (Lists all the content included in the lesson pack + practice guide)

Sound more modern and hipper today!


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