[Video Lesson] How Do I Understand Modes?
Friday, February 10, 2012 at 10:26AM
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This video is an expansion of a blogpost about modes I wrote back in 2006. 

[The Short Version]

Essentially, there are two ways of learning modes:

1. Derivative Approach
2. Parallel Approach 

Derivative is taking a major scale and starting it on different notes.

Parallel is using the same root note and flattening or sharpening the notes to get the other modes.


Derivative: same notes, different starting notes

Parallel: different notes, same starting note

[Additional Resources]

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[ACTION STEPS] How can you learn this better?

1. Understand the Parallel Aproach process I explained in the video & apply it to another Major Scale.
2. Play a 1-octave Major Scale on your instrument & change one note at a time to get different modes.
3. Pick one mode and improvise using it over a one chord backing track.

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