Finding Your Own Creative Voice
Monday, August 1, 2011 at 11:53AM
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A photo I took in Amsterdam. It's an abstract expression of the journey to find your own voice. Yup.

Here are 3 great articles about how to find your own voice (and not necessarily just on guitar!)

1. Don Mock: Emulation: The Road to Originality

Don Mock helped to start the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Los Angeles, California. He's a super awesome guitarist & educator and has written so many amazing books. I love his teaching material and style. Great article on how his own process was like. 


2. Wayne Krantz: How To Not Sound Like Anybody Else (More or Less) 3 to 5 Miserably Painful Years

Wayne Krantz is super creative and his book, The Improvisor's OS really changed the way I looked at the guitar. This short article really captures his direct and honest approach to finding your own voice.


3. David Liebman: Finding Oneself - The Road to Self Discovery 

David Liebman's outlines some steps on how the process is like. This is one of the more easier to digest articles (though still a long term process to implement). Great writing & crystal clear ideas.

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