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Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 3:48PM
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I've been getting inquiries whether I teach lessons for other musicians besides guitarists.

The answer is...


If you're interested to study...

You're in the right place!

Are you an aspiring composer?

I help aspiring composers to compose music that brings out their personality. When you study with me, you'll learn how theory and your intuitive musical sense can come together. You'll learn classic composition techniques and how master composers use them. The lessons will be very hands-on so you will be composing every week and developing your skills to the next level. 

"I was interested in learning more about song writing, but have always had the fear of writing my ideas and having others listen to them. I had a Skype session with Az and learned about many a variety of valuable things, such as where to get an idea and how to translate that idea into a musical composition. I wrote my first song (Night, in Farsi, “Shab”) in 15 minutes, and I was actually pleased with it. It is amazing how creative one can get if the motivation and excitement is behind a project. Az gave me the motivation to get started. I am not a composer and did not study composition at music school, I am a vocalist who has very little knowledge of the 'rules of composition,' yet, Az created a very friendly environment that taught me and my boyfriend (an engineer) how to get our ideas organized and use them in making some very fun musical projects." 

Sara Renee Morajev, Professional Vocalist & Music Educator, Livermore, California.



Are you an improvising musician?

You're on stage. Your bandmates are looking at you and you take your solo. The first few bars sound great and you begin to be more confident. Suddenly, you reach that one section that always confuses you. You draw a blank. You play softer, You play less, you try to find the notes but fail...

You're a wonderful musician. All these years of study and now you can play your instrument. Put any score in front of you and you read it flawlessly... But, on that one gig when you're asked to improvise, to take a solo - you hesitate. You politely say no and explain you don't improvise. Your fellow musicians nod understandingly.

You smile.

But, as they look away, you wish you could improvise. You wish you could make up melodies just by knowing what chords or key you're in. You wish you could play the notes off the page...

Has this ever happened to you?

Imagine if you could:

You can... and you will!

When you study improvisation with me, you'll learn...


Does music theory fascinate you but Jazz Theory scares you?

If you've always wanted to learn Jazz & Contemporary Harmony... but never found a teacher that could explain it in a practical real world sense, now you're in luck. 

I love Music Theory. I love Jazz Harmony. And...

I love teaching it.

When you take Harmony and Theory lessons with me, you will learn a step-by-step approach of understanding Contemporary Harmony. You will see how everything is build upon layers of sound. You will learn how even the most complex harmony relates to a simple three-chord (or even two-chord) progression. 

Never taken formal lessons? Don't worry! I will help you by explaining it from the very start. =)


I currently teach:

Get quality world-class music private instruction customised for your musical style and level of skill at a fraction of the price.

I’ve taught at the Berklee College of Music Summer Guitar Sessions in 2007 and 2008. These week-long summer programs attract talented guitarists from all around the world. They pay more than RM3400 for four days of classes. I taught three sections of group classes called Fretboard Harmony classes.

My students have included Malaysian singer-songwriters Pete Teo, Rendra Zawawi, Ariff Akhir, Lisa Zahran, Amitabh Chandra, Canadian recording artist Grace Sng, classical guitar virtuoso and recording artist Steve Lin and San Francisco based classical guitarist/singer-songwriter Eli Harrison among others.

You can learn from me too, with options to suit your style and where you currently want to go for music direction.

Choose between two options:

1. Masterclasses: 1-2 classes focusing on a few specific areas of your playing. 

2. Focused weekly lessons: 4-12 sequential classes, includes weekly assignments that build your skills gradually. Each class prepares you for the next.

You can take a single lesson or save on the hourly rate with the lesson packages. Once I receive your booking, I’ll e-mail you to schedule the first session. Lessons are 1 hour long.

3-month Fee | 12-Hours of Private Music Lessons (Best Value!)
● Personalized Additional Lesson Videos (RM880 Value) 
● Progress Report PDF (RM72 Value) 
● Class Notes/Recap Sent Via Email To You (RM880 Value) 
● E-Mail Lesson Support During Package Duration (RM1,305 Value) 
● You save RM460 in class fees 
● Additional discounts: Add-On Lessons at RM202/per Hour 
RM2,420 (RM6,617 value)

For first time/beginner students enrolling for the 12-hours package, you will also receive a 90-minute Guitar Shopping Consultation (RM600 Value) FREE

2-month Fee | 8-Hours of Private Music Lessons
● Class Notes/Recap Sent Via Email To You (RM576 Value) 
● E-Mail Lesson Support During Package Duration (RM870 Value) 
● You save RM270 in class fees 
● Additional discounts: Add-On Lessons at RM206/per Hour 
RM1,650 (RM3,366 value)

Monthly Fee | 4-Hours of Private Music Lessons
● Class Notes/Recap Sent Via Email To You (RM288 Value) 
● E-Mail Lesson Support During Package Duration (RM435 Value) 
● You save RM80 in class fees 
RM880 (RM1,683 value)

● One-off Classes // RM240/per hour 
● 90-minute Guitar Shopping Consultation // RM600 (at Sixstrings, Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya) // RM1,200 (at other guitar shops within KL/Klang Valley) 
● Personalized Lesson Videos // RM220 (15-minute Recorded Video Lessons Based On Specific Requested Topics) 
● Personalized Class Notes/Review //RM72 
 Progress Report PDF // RM72 
● E-Mail Lessons // RM145 (2 Questions Answered via Email)

Refund Policy

All fees are nonrefundable. If you cannot complete the classes, the remaining hours will be forfeited. Classes are transferable.  

If You're Ready To Take Your Music To The Next Level,
If You Want World-Class Music Instruction,
If You Want Personalized Lessons That Focus On You,

Send me a message here: http://www.azsamad.com/contact 

Please include:

I look forward to hear from you. =)

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