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Monday, October 24, 2011 at 2:34PM
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Are you a singer-songwriter?

I help singer-songwriters who want their guitar playing to really shine in the context of their songs. I work directly with your music, your songs. I want to help you develop your unique voice. If you have writer's block and feel like your guitar playing is in a rut, I'll show you how to get over those creative barriers and progress to the next level!

Here's what some of my singer-songwriter students have said:

"Can't wait to practice guitar and add these tools you've given me into my songwriting. You're an AMAZING teacher and guitarist, hands down! "

Grace Sng, Emerton Records Artist, Vancouver, British Columbia

"We all know that Az is a great guitarist, but he's an exceptional teacher. Learning guitar with him totally exceeded my expectations. It's not just his attention to technical detail that improved my playing. He adjusted the teachings to my current level of skills and, most importantly, taught me what I want to achieve. Within the first two lessons, I understood the guitar better than I ever had before. I no longer need a chord book. Best of all, I now have the freedom to compose new chord progressions, experiment with new sounds, play around with fingerstyle dynamics, and take my songwriting to a whole new level! Songwriting has become fun again :) Anyone who (like me) has been frustrated writing the same kind of songs over and over again will find new inspirations after learning with Az. You won't regret it."

Lisa Zahran, Singer-Songwriter, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Eli Harrison [Photo by: Jesse Hayes]"Az Samad is a wonderful musician and teacher. He is familiar with a vast array of guitar styles and techniques from classical to contemporary. What's more, he knows how explain the guitar in simple terms."

Eli Harrison, Singer-Songwriter, San Francisco, California.

Are you an aspiring Jazz Guitarist?

If you're interested in learning Jazz Guitar - I help you to learn and understand chords, Jazz vocabulary and develop effective practice approaches. Do you love Jazz Blues? If you do, you're in luck because my "Learn to Improvise" course material teaches you how to improvise using the Blues! If you find it difficult to learn and develop a repertoire, I will teach you how to learn new tunes systematically too. (There's a secret to it!)

Words from some of my Jazz Guitar students:

"As a student of many guitar instructors, Mr. Az Samad stands among the greats. His humble and patient approach, along with a wide breadth of knowledge, combines to create a perfect learning environment. Mr. Samad has an innate ability to pinpoint problem areas and focus your practice in a way that is enjoyable and highly productive. Simply put, a lesson with Mr. Samad is a truly 'Azesome' experience."

Mason Hutchinson, Professional Bassist, San Jose, California.

" My lessons with Az has turned out to be one of the most valuable and worthwhile experience throughout all the time I've spent on the guitar. It is not just the instruction of technique but the impartation of his experiences, thoughts & observations, interjected with humour and good advice that sets him apart from the rest. Highly skilled and an excellent teacher, Az is a must for anyone looking to improve themselves as a guitarist. "

Aidan Chung, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Are you a beginner?

If you love guitar and have always wanted to learn it - I can help you on your guitar adventure! Develop good and relaxed playing habits that will allow you to sound your best - right from the start! I've worked with students as young as 4 year olds to adults and seniors who are rediscovering guitar after not playing for years. We'll work on the songs you want to learn. Imagine playing your favorite song at a party at your house or recording your own version of your favorite song! You can do it and I'd love to help you. =)

When I was based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was a co-teacher for the Guitar Fundamentals class at San Jose State University. Here's some words from my students over there: 

"Az Samad was born to play teach and play the guitar! He is a natural! His style of teaching is easy to understand. Each time I met with him I was amazed at how easily he could get his point across. Every time I asked him a question in class, he was always knew the answer. Az is an excellent teacher! He is patient, kind and an expert at his craft! You will do well to learn from him."

Barbara Ramos, SJSU Music Education Major, San Jose, California.

"Az has a flawless technique for teaching guitar concepts, and is one of the top guitar players in the Bay Area. I highly recommend him for lessons or gigs!"

Keith Hunter, SJSU Music Education and Trombone Performance major, San Jose, California.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

1. Where are the classes held?
At my apartment in Bangsar Utama. It's about a 10-minute walk from Bangsar LRT.

2. Can you teach at my house/apartment?
Due to my class schedule, usually this is unlikely. However, sometimes I have openings in my schedule that might make this possible. Do ask if this is an option you'd like to explore. The fees however will include additional charges factoring in travel time, cost and class preparation time.  

3. I've never played guitar or any instrument before. Can I still take your lessons?
Yes, you can enroll in the beginner program. Many of my students in the program have never played guitar before.

4. I work during weekdays. Can I take classes on weekends?
Yes, you can study with me during weekends. Saturday & Sunday mornings between 9am-12noon & early afternoon 2:00-4:30pm are usually possible. Slots are available pending availability. 

5. I want to learn to improvise and compose but I play another instrument. Do you teach other instrumentalists?
Yes, I do. Read more about it here:

6. I used to play guitar years ago and want to pick it up again. I already can play but want to refresh and learn again. Can you help me?
Yes, I can help you refresh and pick up guitar again. Depending on your interests, the Singer-Songwriter & Jazz Guitar programs are possible choices.

7. I want to learn but I don't have a guitar yet. Can you help me choose a guitar?
Yes. For students who enroll in the 12-Lessons Beginner Package - You get a 90-minute guitar shopping consultation (a RM500 Value) for FREE. We will meet and go shopping for a guitar. Together we'll find a guitar that suits you and the guitar style you'd like to learn. I will work within your budget and let you know what's good about one guitar compared to another.  


I currently teach:

Get quality world-class music private instruction customised for your musical style and level of skill at a fraction of the price.

I’ve taught at the Berklee College of Music Summer Guitar Sessions in 2007 and 2008. These week-long summer programs attract talented guitarists from all around the world. They pay more than RM3400 for four days of classes. I taught three sections of group classes called Fretboard Harmony classes.

My students have included Malaysian singer-songwriters Pete Teo, Rendra Zawawi, Ariff Akhir, Min'z, Hey Mun, Lisa Zahran, Amitabh Chandra, Canadian recording artist Grace Sng, classical guitar virtuoso and recording artist Steve Lin and San Francisco based classical guitarist/singer-songwriter Eli Harrison among others.

You can learn from me too, with options to suit your style and where you currently want to go for music direction.

Choose between two options:

1. Masterclasses: 1 to 4 classes focusing on a few specific areas of your playing.

2. Focused weekly lessons: Includes weekly assignments that build your skills gradually. Each class prepares you for the next.

You can take a few masterclasses or save on the hourly rate by paying monthly, every 2-months or every 3-months. Once I receive your booking, I’ll e-mail you to schedule the first session. Lessons are usually either 1-hour or 2-hours long.

3-month Fee | 12-Hours of Private Guitar Lessons (Best Value!)
● Personalized Additional Lesson Videos (RM880 Value) 
● Class Notes/Recap Sent Via Email To You (RM880 Value) 
● E-Mail Lesson Support During Package Duration (RM1,305 Value) 
● You save RM460 in class fees 
● Additional discounts: Add-On Lessons at RM202/per Hour 
RM2,420 (RM6,617 value)

For first time/beginner students enrolling for the 12-hours package, you will also receive a 90-minute Guitar Shopping Consultation (RM600 Value) FREE

2-month Fee | 8-Hours of Private Guitar Lessons
● Class Notes/Recap Sent Via Email To You (RM576 Value)
● E-Mail Lesson Support During Package Duration (RM870 Value)
● You save RM270 in class fees
● Additional discounts: Add-On Lessons at RM206/per Hour
RM1,650 (RM3,366 value)

Monthly Fee | 4-Hours of Private Guitar Lessons
● Class Notes/Recap Sent Via Email To You (RM288 Value)
● E-Mail Lesson Support During Package Duration (RM435 Value)
● You save RM80 in class fees
RM880 (RM1,683 value)

One-off Classes // RM240/per hour
● 90-minute Guitar Shopping Consultation // RM600 (at Sixstrings, Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya) // RM1,200 (at other guitar shops within KL/Klang Valley) 
● Personalized Lesson Videos // RM220 (15-minute Recorded Video Lessons Based On Specific Requested Topics)
Personalized Class Notes/Review //RM72 
 Progress Report PDF // RM72 
● E-Mail Lessons // RM145 (2 Questions Answered via Email)

Refund Policy

All fees are nonrefundable. If you cannot complete the classes, the remaining hours will be forfeited. Classes are transferable.  


If You're Ready To Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level,
If You Want World-Class Music Instruction,
If You Want Personalized Lessons That Focus On You,

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I look forward to hear from you. =)

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